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The Life Access Technology Trust...

The Localization Alliance
Integral Human Development


promotes the integral human development and well-being of all people by:

  • providing access to the technology and training necessary for any community, in any language, anywhere, to localize health, education, development, and other life-crucial information in terms of their own language and cultural perspective
  • focusing on the teaching and learning needs of the most at-risk people around the world, in particular children, women, disabled persons, and others marginalized by their minority language status, remote location, lack of education, poverty, poor health, conflict, natural disaster, or other overwhelming life circumstance
  • promoting the development of a global, collaborative, cost-effective, and sustainable localization management system, in and through which communities may create and store their own teaching and learning materials for print-on-demand or access via computer networks and mobile devices
  • collaborating with public and private sector agencies that share our vision, values, and goals
  • making technology grants