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Shellbook Libraries Online

This page will be revised and updated periodically throughout December 2011. To ensure display of the latest version, please refresh the page.

The Life Access Technology Trust and Foundation for Indigenous Languages are working with a growing number of international agencies to establish the Open Library for Local Learning Communities consortium. Each agency is developing an online library of Shellbooks which will be freely available for localization and publication in any language.

You can view and download over 150 "parent training" and "community literacy" titles from World Vision's prototype library. More than 200 titles from Papua New Guinea's Elementary (K-2) Education Reform, and other Shellbooks from PNG, will be posted on this website over the coming months.

The Life Stories library has just been launched, and has Shellbook titles of special interest to current and formerly incarcerated people and their families. If your are interested in how a team of over two dozen doctors, health and correctional officials, administrators, and current and former inmates collaborated on the development of these Life Story Shellbooks, have a look at this "Shellbook Development Center" website.

All of the OL3C partner agencies have worked for decades toward equitable access to education among the most marginalized people groups in the world. Now, with just five years remaining to reach UNESCO's Education for All "Millenium Goal" by 2015, OL3C agencies have been heartened by the EFA 2010 Global Monitoring Report: Reaching the marginalized. It is our hope that dozens of Shellbook libraries with thousands of titles will be developed over the next few years, and localized in the most marginalized language communities around the world by 2015.